Lashmaking & pregnancy: how should you treat your clients?

Today I want to talk about a special circumstance that may happen when working. If you’ve already done a lashmaking session to a pregnant woman, you’ll be aware of how difficult it can be.

Even though you should always be careful when treating your clients, the scenary is more complex when said client is a pregnant woman. For one side, you’ve to be careful because of possible health issues, but there’s also a heavy emotional weight involved.

Why a lashmaking season during pregnancy is so delicate?

As I mentioned above, a woman’s health can be more delicate during this period, so you have to be especially careful when using products that can cause allergic reactions.

However, health aside, I consider these cases involve more effort because it is the best time to consent your client. Since it’s a complicated but dearly remembered moment, our service will define if we’ve gained a new recurring client or not.

Expecting a baby can bring a lot of emotions out, so an appointment with you to do their lashes can be the highlight of their day if you make them feel comfortable as well as looking fabulous.

Remember! If they are close to birth, they probably want to get good pictures during a baby shower, or even in the hospital. Therefore, you must strive to offer them the best service.

Safety measures

And now, as I promised, you’ll learn what you need to do before even starting an appointment.

Find out before!

Although it is often considered rude to ask a woman if she is pregnant, this is a mandatory question you need to ask before each appointment as part of the procedure. In this way, you can take the appropriate precautions and make sure beforehand they do not suffer any allergies or irritation from your adhesive.

In case you are worried about being offensive or intrusive, you can clarify (if they ask, of course) why you’re asking and how your intention is to ensure their well-being as well as offering them greater comfort during the service.

I assure you they’ll be grateful for your professionalism!

Use a test patch

To be fair, I would recommend you ALWAYS do a safety test on any new client to discover possible allergies. However, I will place special emphasis on what you should do for your pregnant clients – even if you have done their lashes previously!

This is an excellent (and safe) way to find out if there are allergic problems. A quick appointment is enough: you just need to apply a few fans with glue to the natural lash. If there’s no reaction, then extensions are probably a safe bet.

If your client has already suffered from some type of allergic reaction, these tests are non-negotiable. After a first reaction, the following ones are likely to be worse, so you should be completely sure whether it is safe (or not) to continue the procedure.

Remember that the most important thing here is the well-being of your client: if you have to be honest and cancel the appointment because the procedure is not safe, explain it to your client. I assure you they will appreciate your sincerity and concern.

These are the kinds of actions that demonstrate the difference between being just another lahmaker and being a trustworthy professional.

And what about comfort?

If you have already verified it’s safe to do the extensions, you’re already halfway done. However, you shouldn’t forget that, during the appointment, your only goal isn’t doing high-quality extensions, but also offer well-being and comfort.

Don’t rush unnecessarily!

Even if you already have a well-established work time (and if so, congratulations!), you should extend the time for the appointment when working with a pregnant client (and especially if she is in the last months).

Between back pain, discomfort, and the constant need to go to the bathroom, your client will greatly appreciate having an additional 15 or 20 minutes to shift, make a pause, or go to the bathroom without pressure, while you won’t suffer from delays with your other clients.

Patience will get you far

Patience is key when it comes to a pregnant client, because it may be easier to work in one eye at a time so they can lean on their side.

As you may know, lying face up during pregnancy causes pressure on the spine, so an ideal alternative is to ask them to lie on their side (especially if you do not have a reclining bed) on support pillows. Thus, working will be easier for you without sacrificing the comfort of your client.

Remember: working quickly will let you finish the appointment faster, but don’t compromise the comfort of your client to meet a tight schedule. Plan ahead, and give your clients a great lashmaking session during their pregnancy!