How can we promote lash making in social media?

If you’re part of the world of lash making, you’ve probably seen lash making in social media (and if you haven’t, how did you find this article? Tell me in the comments!).

The real question, however, is not if this content exists. The real question is if you’re truly taking advantage of social media, and in case you are, if you could do more to increase your credibility and professional image.

Because of this, I want to share with you the two basic characteristics that, in my opinion, are key to determining if you’re taking full advantage of social media. Chances are we’ll always be able to improve on some things, but just as lash making in itself, it’s a long process!

Choose the social platform to promote your lash making in social media

You’re probable personally acquainted with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many other platforms.

However, when it comes to promoting a business or our own personal brand, it’s best to focus on generating content for a single social media platform (or in the case of a bigger business model, two).

Why this?

Fact is, unless you can afford an entire team whose entire workday is dedicated to nothing but social media management, you’ll probably not have enough time to produce more content.

You also have to consider the fact that each social media platform has different requirements and, of course, very different optimal formats. Since your ultimate goal is to make eyelash extensions and not spend your day glued to your phone, you’d better prioritize.

(If you insist on using more than one social media platform, please, allow me to suggest you invest your energy in other ways. This will help you save time and energy.)

You may be thinking: “Okay, Emma. I’ll pick a platform. But which one is the best for me?”

Though I suggest you start researching, I’ll make a few brief notes about the benefits of a couple of them, as well as their differences.


This platform lets you create pages and private groups, which makes it easier to establish a feeling of community with your followers. It’s an excellent way to share content or create ads, which makes it a marketing favorite.

You need to consider, however, that though it has an important reach, the younger members of the audience prefer Instagram. So you need to consider which age-group you’re aiming for before making a decision (don’t worry, I’ll talk about that in a moment!).


This social media platform is idea if your main aim is to share your portfolio. Due to its focus on visuals, it allows for a very dynamic interaction, which gives your business a fresh and young touch.

While Instagram also lets you create a community with your followers, it’s not as easy as in Facebook. It balances out, however, with other characteristics, such as the Instagram Stories function (ideal for polls and other types of interaction) and the use of IGTV.

Other alternatives

Since Facebook and Instagram are interconnected, some people can work both while focusing on one. If you decide to go this route, you can share the same content in both, though I would advise against simple copy-paste techniques.

Remember: your public and the way they interact with the content you upload is different in each platform.

Pinterest is also a popular choice, and almost ideal if you have a website of your own, since it will let you share photos with links. However, it’s not great for commercialization or interaction with your audience, so I would recommend against it.

Twitter is great for instant communication, comments on quality and direct interaction with your public. Because of this, I would recommend it, but only if you’re already active on the platform and you prefer written content and interaction over more visual choices.

Building your strategy: how to share lash making on social media

In general terms, a social media strategy for the world of lash making won’t be very different from a strategy for any other industry. Because of this, I’ll be brief with my tips.

Define the audience you want

When we talk with someone, we know who they are. Your interactions with your internet audience should be no different!

Forget about generic descriptions: the more specific, the better. Feel free to give a name and life to that “ideal client” (age, sex, likes and dislikes, hobbies…), and when you write an ad, aim it at them. This will save you a lot of energy and future frustrations, I promise.

Find your own voice

Just like we have a particular spoken voice, we also have a written one. The only difference here is that we need to shape it intentionally: take that which makes you unique and use it for your posts.

Be authentic in your writing: generic texts won’t reach anyone. When you’re able to communicate who you really are, including your values and passions, writing will be easier than ever. And of course, the public will have an easier time reading it!

You must also remember to share valuable content (in this case, your expertise)

Try not to fall into the trap of specialized language and remember who you’re talking to: What are their doubts and insecurities? What do they want to know?

There questions will help define the content you create.

Create a schedule and post regularly

Now that you know what to post, who are you posting for and how to do it, you need to set a fixed amount of posts.

I recommend posting content from 3 to 4 times a week. Set specific days (and hours!) to post, and stick to them. As times goes by, you’ll be able to check out your analytics and determine the best moment to interact with your followers.

Another tip: Program your posts! This will save you a lot of headaches and you’ll be able to plan your content for weeks, and even a month ahead.

Interact with your followers

All the effort you may put into finding the best time to post and the best content to upload will be in vain if you don’t answer comments, questions and check your followers’ mentions.


these people are interested in you. Because of this, you need to reply to them as soon as possible, as courteously as possible (even when being criticized!) and show interest.

These are simple, easy tips. But I assure you, they lead to powerful results! So if you haven’t started yet, don’t waste any more time, and start planning your own social media strategy right now.