How to maintain your eyelashes extensions?

Hi, ladies! How is your quarantine going? Today I wanted to talked you about how you can take care of and maintain your eyelashes extensions by your own, because yes, we’ve to take care of our health and stay home– but it doesn’t mean we need to look less fabulous!

As you all know, every volume requires follow-up appointments to fill in and retouch. However, that’s impossible at the moment. Therefore, our objective will be to increase their duration as long as we can until they end up falling naturally.

Maintaining your eyelashes extensions: what should (and shouldn’t) you do?

Check their condition!

Before you begin, the most important question you need to make yourself is: how long I’ve been wearing my extensions?

If they’re older than 4 weeks, then it’s moment to revise them (especially if you missed your follow-up date). Eventually, you’ll have to remove them, but if there aren’t noticeable gaps, you can keep taking care of them meanwhile.

In case you notice they’re few extensions remaining, you can remove them so they don’t look strange over your natural lashes. However, be careful! You should never, ever, EVER, try to rip them out.

Remember that your eyelashes extensions are glued to your natural lashes, so if you pull them, you’ll be ripping your natural lashes as well. You won’t only damage your lash line, but also remove your baby lashes!

This won’t only cause gaps, but it could permanently damage your hair follicle.

How to remove your extensions safely?

I know, I know– it sounds like a horror movie. Luckily, though, if it’s the moment to remove your extensions (either because they’re few left or because you want to take care of your natural lashes), there are safe ways to do so.

Apply a natural oil in your hand (such as coconut, for example), and massage your eyelids softly, focusing in your lashes’ roots. Remember! It’s not about rubbing strongly or ripping them: your goal is to loosen the glue so they fall off.

After doing so for a few minutes, you’ll only have to shampoo your lashes (using shampoo for lashes, of course) and rinse them off. If you still have some left, feel free to repeat the process until it’s done.

Keep your lashes clean

As I’ve said before, it’s important to know how to take care of your extensions. Avoiding sources of heat, for example, is a great way to keep them nice and pretty. I’ll take the chance, however, to explain some vital hygiene points.

Clean them!

It may sound obvious, but it’s important to clean your lashes. After the first 24 hours, they can get wet without problems, so make sure to use special shampoo for lashes to clean them. If you don’t have some, you can mix baby shampoo, distilled water and a pinch of baking soda.

Be gentle with your lashes

If you’re going to wash your face or clean your skin, you’ve to be careful when cleaning around your eyes. Even if you don’t have extensions, you’ve to avoid rubbing aggressively: otherwise, you could rip your lashes.

And remember: be especially careful with the inner and outer corner of your eyes!

Take a break from makeup

Normally, such a thought would be unthinkable. However, this is the perfect moment to take a break from beauty products. It’ll be good both for your skin and your lashes, and if you still have extensions, it’ll make them last longer.

Mascara can brittle your lashes, but the biggest problem is removing the product, since it can be tricky. And the eyeliner, even if it’s not directly applied over lashes, is hard to remove as well.

If it’s possible for you, avoid using any type of eye makeup for a season. This will help you to avoid rubbing around the area, and therefore, you’ll have less risk of removing your lashes.

What happens with video calls?

Chances are, you’re still making your social life through Internet. You don’t have to forget completely about makeup (especially if you’re still working through video conferences or receiving classes): you just have to be a bit more careful.

My personal advice is to forget about mascara and curlers. After all, extensions are especially made so you don’t need either of them. If your extensions already fell off, try to limit their use anyways.

I’ve other tip, as well: be careful when removing your makeup. You’ll need to be patient, since cotton products can produce a lot of friction. Avoid rubbing strongly, and if you’re still wearing extensions, avoid two-phase makeup remover.

Until it’s time to go natural with your lashes again, waterproof eyeliners aren’t your friends! The oil contained in this product can remove the glue from your extensions as well.

My eyelashes extensions fell: what do I do now?

It can be hard to let your extensions go, but don’t worry. Now it’s the perfect moment to take care of your natural lashes, and let them get stronger. Some of the tips I already told you (such as being careful and reducing your usage of makeup) will help here too.

However, there’s a key point I want to focus here. No matter what happens, avoid using DIY extensions lashes. You need to be a professional to put extensions: otherwise, you’ll only damage your natural lashes.

Are strip lashes ok?

I want to be specific here: when I say you should avoid DIY extensions; I talk about semi-permanent extensions. Strip lashes, even if not ideal, are safer since they’re only used temporarily, and their weight doesn’t affect your natural lashes as much.

It would be ideal to use neither, but if you want to get some great photos, be careful when removing them. A great tip is to use a cotton with makeup remover, close your eye, and soak the strip for at least 30 seconds (in the place where you glued it).

This will loosen the glue, so you’ll only have to remove it slowly to avoid ripping your baby lashes.

As you can see, it’s easy to maintain your eyelashes extensions.

If you want to coddle your natural lashes as well, just follow these same tips, and additionally, feel free to experiment with your nutrition! You could discover some foods that help them grow healthier.