Entrepreneurship as a lashmaker: a powerful form of female empowerment

When I speak about women’s rights, I am not just referring to the possibility of voting, working, or generally living on our own as independent people. I also speak of the possibilities of undertaking, of being respected as equals, and of having a full life.

It is for this reason that the lashmaking industry has fascinated me so deeply: in addition to being my passion, it is a tool for all those women who want to take control of their lives from a personal and financial point of view.

However, have you ever wondered why the beauty industry is full of empowerment? Or even, have you thought that is not the case at all? If the answer is yes to any of these, I encourage you to continue reading.

Why is the beauty industry so shocking on a woman?

If there is any doubt, it is that the beauty industry has a strong impact on the media, whether positive or negative. Stereotypes and beauty standards may seem restrictive, but this does not have to be true.

Beyond the industry itself and the business world, makeup and styling has enabled millions of women around the world to express themselves freely, and to feel confident and empowered. Not for nothing does the term beauty therapy exist: it is something that makes us feel good.

Women who have spoiled themselves a bit, or who have worn makeup for much of their lives, will know how powerful beauty can be. When we take the time to do a little self-care, it makes us feel amazing. No one else can show us that level of attention, and taking the time to be kind to yourself and taking care of yourself can be completely transformative.

On a personal level, this is a way of taking care of ourselves that allows us to feel worthy, loved and cared for. Likewise, it positively affects our self-esteem, which is vital in our daily life.

The way we perceive ourselves affects not only our spirits, but even our thoughts, feelings, and decisions about our lives. When we set aside time for ourselves, we tell ourselves that we are valuable and deserve love.

Taking empowerment into action

Although it is true that makeup, a massage, or a skin cleaning is not a magic solution, it is indeed a way of pampering and taking care of ourselves: something that positively impacts our mind. Carried out continuously, therefore, it can be transformative.

And it is for this reason that many women have decided to enter the world of beauty as entrepreneurs. When we know this feeling, it is easier for us to want to share that feeling with other women and help them build their confidence.

Few things help us to appreciate the beauty of others as much as work in this industry: in my personal case, I have learned to appreciate much more all those women, whether they are family, friends, clients or students, who are around me .

And apart from that, undertaking in this area gives us the added benefit of taking control of our finances, our decisions, and our objectives. When we feel empowered, we are able to achieve more than we have ever dreamed of.

Why did I choose lashmaking?

You are probably wondering why, among so many options, I chose the world of lashes (my lashista world!) As my passion. The reality is that I did not choose it: it was where I found my purpose.

Eyelashes are one of the things I like the most: for me it is much more than just a job. I see art in what I do and I am fascinated to see the happy looks of my clients after a session of volume or megavolume.

However, today I aspire to more. Although the industry is still young in Latin America and the Caribbean, I aspire to bring my knowledge and experience to all those women who seek and need a change of life: to all those women who need a useful tool to get ahead.

The popularity of this item makes it a very profitable area: after all, it moves millions throughout the world, and it is starting to grow exponentially in our region (without being a saturated market yet!).

Why teach my techniques to other people?

If you wonder why, apart from having my own classroom, I dedicate myself to teaching, the answer is very simple: I want to share this passion with my #worldlashista, and provide them with the tools and opportunities that I have achieved through the years.

Some people might think that I am generating competition, but that is a thought that starts from scarcity. The more of us who are passionately dedicated to growing this industry, the greater the credibility and therefore the benefits for all!

Entrepreneurship as a lashmaker is about much more than just learning a technique or starting to get clients. It’s about learning, continuing to perfect and practice, and sharing our findings and experiences with all those who are growing with us.

My success stems from your success: only united is it that women can become independent, successful and empowered people. Only united is that we can be the owners of our lives, and succeed big.

So, if you still do not know if it is worth starting as a lashmaker or you are afraid of the price to pay (the investment, the hours of practice, the effort), remember that it is very little to get the most valuable gift: freedom to be you and shine in the world as you are!