Hi, my lashist world!

My name is Emma Castillo: I am the founder and owner of Emma Lashmaker. The history of my company is also my history, so I will tell you a little about how we got here.
In 2014, I, Emma, ​​started my career as a Lashmaker in Munich, Germany. It was here that I realized that I had found my passion in placing eyelash extensions.

How did I find out?

For me there were no expensive tweezers or lashes! However, if there were wallets, shoes, etc; That seemed expensive to me!
So it was that I discovered it, after which I dedicated myself 100% only to my beloved lashes.

Gestures like seeing the smile of satisfaction on my clients are priceless, but it has a value that only you, as a lashmaker, know! It was this that helped me decide: thanks to this, I started my preparation in Germany, Europe and Russia to be able to offer my clients the best services with jobs that made a difference.

And then, the Winner Cups of several International Championships arrived!
This gave me even more energy to continue.

About Us
About Us

On my journey, and having gained a lot of knowledge about the material used to make the eyelash fibers, I began to travel and try to learn more about the fibers.

As a reference, I had parameters that I wanted my products to have: for example, the speed to assemble a fan, that when the fiber was opened, the texture, the finish … among many other things more than I knew they would make my job easier; since as you know, a good quality of material is essential for the elaboration of an Envy Set.

I learned well which were the best allies: a glue that would help me with the Polymerization at the indicated times, and tweezers that had a good grip.

From my own experience, I learned how sad it is to buy a caliper and that it has no grip. For this reason, I make sure now to test each of the tweezers that you purchase, one by one, personally. Also, I personally spend time calibrating your caliper before sending it to you. I want that when you grab the clamp, you smile!

My Motto of Life is “Wanting is Power”, and bringing you the best quality in products for making extensions is my ultimate goal!

Emma Castillo

Emma Castillo is the founder and CEO of Emma Lashmaker. Born in Ecuador, she trained as a professional Lashmaker in the cities of Germany and Russia. Today, she is dedicated to working as a lashmaker in the Dominican Republic, in addition to offering international courses and workshops. Her store, www.emmalashmaker.com, offers the best quality materials to supply the Latin American market and the world

About Us

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